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Your customers will value our background screening services because they will be able to verify information about your Sales Rep 24/7. By simply checking their ID Serial Number, they will know instantly if the Sales Rep or Contractor is CLEAR to enter their home or business. PPS provides the safeguards you and your valued customers rely upon!
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Who's REALLY looking after your Company?

Is your background screening service looking out for you, your company, franchise, or homeowner? Do you really feel you're getting the security you need as a business owner to send one of your Maids, Caregivers, Handymen, or Carpet Clearing Service people into a customer's home? Wouldn't you want to stand out as a concerned business owner and offer the best protection for your business and customers?

Many companies typically do yearly background screening, but what happens if one of your employees gets into trouble after you've hired them? You'd never know until the following yearly background check, which could be too late for your company and too late for your customer!  Protection Plus Solutions can help your company or franchise in this critical area of maintaining the highest level of security available for your customer.

Protection Plus Solutions offers a great deal more than quality background screening. We offer a unique ID Badge that is issued only when an employee successfully passes a background check.

 Our ID Badge typically will have the employee's picture, your company name or franchise, company logo, date of the background check and the disclosure that this employee's background is automatically re-checked monthly with Protection Plus Solutions CrimSPY feature. This ID Badge can be customized to your business requirements

Unlike other background screening companies that only do a search once per year, our monthly CrimSPY feature automatically searches the employee every month with no additional cost to your company!  If criminal activity occurs, the badge clearance is canceled and the local franchises, as well as your corporate headquarters, are immediately notified.  A FAILED symbol is also placed by their badge on our status verification website which is accessible to your customer.
This new and innovative level of security allows your customer to SEE the real-time background clearance status by going into our website 24/7 and entering the serial number from the badge, or by calling our 1-800 number during normal business hours PST.  

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