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Who we are

Protection Plus Solutions is a licensed, fully insured and bonded Background Check Screening company. Our mission is to provide the most Secured Background Screening Solutions for Companies that promote Door-To-Door Sales, Residential Sales, Retail Sales and the Home Services Industry.

What we do

Protection Plus Solutions works exclusively with the Home Services industry, including Energy and Telecom providers that promote both outside and inside home sales and services. Our background screening process keeps your company and your valued customers SAFE when sending a Sales Rep or Contractor to their home or business.


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Our Solutions We proudly offer the following services

BadgeLINK™ Badging System!

Protection Plus Solutions "BadgeLINK™" solution provides your customers Peace of Mind knowing that your employee or 1099 contractor is Crime-Free to enter their home or business. We help you set up a page on your site that displays your employees badges and Inter-Links back to our ID badge verification system. BadgeLINK™ is "FREE" to our clients who use our ID badging background screening system.

Protection Plus Solutions' new BadgeLINK™ system works hand in hand with our CrimSPY program and monitors your employee every month. With BadgeLINK™ you can show the ID badge of your employee or 1099 contractor to a customer so they will know who your employee is before they enter their home or office, or you can direct your customers to your website to verify a "Sales Rep" or employee who may be entering their home. With BadgeLINK™ you can set up a page for each location to filter back to your corporate office(s) showing each state and area where a team of Sales Rep, Handyman, or Caregiver is working. Don't you think it's time you provided the most secure background screening for your business and your customers?

There is no set up fee or cost to participate- just use our badging system and let us know you are interested. Yes, it's FREE !

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